Safaricom has launched a revamped in-country cloud computing platform and services aimed at enabling businesses and organizations to digitize their operations. Such advancements will provide them with flexibility and resilience in an ever-changing environment.

These new cloud services, hosted in data centers located in Nairobi and Kisumu, harness the power of VMware technologies. Among the added features is the capability for customers to seamlessly run their applications, with the flexibility to allocate cloud computing resources through a unified interface. This empowers customers to procure cloud computing capabilities in bulk and configure the environment to align with specific business application requirements.

The cloud services offer enterprise customers the adaptability to expand their operations by utilizing computing resources in a scalable manner and making use of operational expenditure models. This equips them with the capacity to manage their business from anywhere, ensuring that their operations remain highly accessible, ultimately delivering dependable services to their end customers.

Furthermore, these services encompass the provision of secure hosting solutions for business applications, ensuring compliance with data residency regulations. Additionally, secure connectivity and seamless payment integrations are available for business applications hosted securely in the cloud.

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