Vodacom Mozambique is reportedly investing US$25 million into the establishment of a new data center within the country. As per reports from the Data Centre Dynamics website, citing local news sources, the data center will be situated in Matola, near the capital city of Maputo. Matola, known for its port and as home to the largest industrial area in Mozambique, offers a strategic location for the installation, providing direct access to the 2Africa subsea cable, which is hosted in Vodacom Mozambique’s equipment room in Matola.

The project will be implemented in three phases, with the first phase scheduled for completion by July 2024. Vodacom intends for its data center to be a carrier-neutral facility, focusing on supporting advanced technology infrastructure while implementing enhanced security measures and energy-efficient initiatives. However, specific details regarding other specifications of the data center have not been disclosed.

With a reported customer base of over 10 million, approximately one-third of the country's total population, Vodacom is a significant player in Mozambique's telecommunications sector. Moreover, the company ventured into commercial 5G services in Maputo last year, showcasing its commitment to innovation and technological advancement.

According to Data Centre Dynamics, Vodacom previously installed a modular data center in Matola back in 2013. The modular data center system, known for its portability, enables the deployment of data center capacity wherever needed. Additionally, Vodacom laid the foundation stone for the construction of a Tier III-quality facility in Matola in October of the previous year. CEO Lucas Chachine emphasized that Matola was chosen due to its suitability for disaster recovery operations and efficient access to both local and global markets.

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