Huawei Egypt's Vice President and Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Mohamed Madkour, emphasized the company's collaboration with the Egyptian government to propel development and digital transformation.

This involved introducing cutting-edge tech like AI and cloud computing to various sectors, aligning with Egypt's 2030 development vision. The Egyptian market, rich in growth opportunities, is rapidly digitizing key areas like transportation, ports, energy, and petroleum. Madkour highlighted the importance of robust technological infrastructure, a collaborative effort with ministries and government agencies, as the foundation for this transformation.

Subsequently, the establishment of powerful data centers hosting digital services is crucial. Integration of AI and cloud computing further enhances performance. Madkour stressed the need to tailor AI services for development and Fourth Industrial Revolution objectives, and noted that this revolution isn't just about mechanization but also leveraging modern tech like AI. The progression is gradual, necessitating mastery of requisite skills and technologies. He also warned against skipping foundational steps, as it can lead to challenges.

Bridging the gap between trained human resources and rapidly advancing tech is critical. He commended Egypt's initiatives, like Digital Cubs and Builders of Digital Egypt, for nurturing qualified talent from a young age, benefiting both domestic development goals and the national economy.

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