In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Peeyush Singh, MD, Telcovas Solutions, provided valuable insights into the company's role in the digital transformation of communication service providers and detailed the specific solutions aimed at improving customer experience. Additionally, he discussed the pivotal role played by Telcovas' services in boosting revenue for communication service providers through the application of diverse technologies such as IoT and AI.

How does Telcovas contribute to the digital transformation of communication service providers (CSPs), and what specific solutions does it offer to enhance customer experience?

Telcovas, established in 2011, has played a significant role in the digital transformation of CSPs, offering a diverse range of products and services. We have made substantial contributions to commercial 5G, private 5G, Roaming OSS Network Solutions, Value Added Services (VAS), and security solutions for the networks.

Our focus is on enriching our offerings with features aligned with our goals, such as NVF and SDN-based architecture, cloud-based solutions, Omni-channel communication platforms and analytics-driven products. Our solutions incorporate analytics and provide IoT integration alongside robust security measures to counter cyber threats. We prioritize 5G enablement in every module to better serve Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Our user-friendly self-service portal and apps, coupled with service orchestration automation, are key components driving the digital transformation journey with CSPs.

What role do Telcovas' services play in increasing revenue for communication service providers through various technologies like IoT and AI?

Telcovas is actively engaged in leveraging cutting-edge technologies, particularly AI and IoT, to enhance our services and contribute to revenue growth for communication service providers. Our focus on Digital OSS involves the development of products that incorporate predictive analysis, utilizing AI for anomaly detection patterns and provide better performance management. We are also working towards a next-generation network solution with zero-touch operations to reduce human intervention for cost optimization.

AI is integral to our strategy for creating personalized experiences and user-intent-based products and services. In the realm of roaming, we emphasize analytics driven by AI, offering a comprehensive 360-degree view of the dashboard score solution. This involves employing AI and M2M technologies to enhance customer experience. In the context of 5G, we utilize AI for planning and optimization, enhancing business intelligence and analytics for more informed decision-making by business and technology owners.

For mobile apps, our approach involves leveraging user data and behavior patterns to design intuitive and feature-rich apps, empowering businesses to push relevant content and offer superior services. In the domain of IoT, Telcovas has developed over 100 use cases spanning healthcare, education, security, surveillance, law enforcement, industrial automation, and more, demonstrating our commitment to driving innovation across various sectors.

What steps is Telcovas taking to create a connected global community through its solutions, and how does the company plan to achieve this vision?

Telcovas plays a pivotal role in realizing its vision of a connected global community by offering telecom solutions that foster communication, collaboration, and connectivity across borders. Notably, our IPX gateway solution strengthens the connectivity and roaming coverage, The Roaming BSS- Bizz Roam, global roaming testing solutions, enhancing the overall roaming experience.

Our robust IoT roaming solutions provide seamless connectivity, GlobiCall which is a VOIP app enable users to stay connected with family and friends while traveling outside.

Additionally, Telcovas is actively engaged in addressing regulatory compliances, exemplified by our involvement in initiatives like the free-roaming initiative in Africa. In the realm of private 5G, we have developed numerous use cases tailored for education, smart learning environments, industrial automation, ports, government institutes, aviation, and agriculture, further contributing to our goal of creating a connected global community.

What are the goals and plans that Telcovas is focusing on?

Our primary objective is to expand our presence in the Middle East and Asia in the coming year. At the product level, we are dedicated to incorporating more AI and M2M technologies at product level to give the best-in-class solutions to our clients.

In the context of 5G, our vision includes extending these services to benefit the most vulnerable sections of society, contributing to their overall quality of life. Regarding roaming, our strategy involves utilizing M-to-M and AI-based solutions to automate operations and offer personalized services to users.

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