In an exclusive interview with Telecom Review, Yahia Sefraoui, Chief Digital & Data Transformation Officer at inwi, provided valuable insights on expediting digital transformation in Morocco. He discussed staying updated on telecom industry regulations and leveraging this knowledge within the company. Additionally, Sefraoui highlighted the partnership with UM6P and offered a glimpse into future updates.

How does inwi plan to overcome challenges and expedite digital transformation within the Moroccan context?

In our vision, digital transformation stands as one of our key strategic priorities. inwi has consistently aimed to position itself as a driving force for digital transformation within the market context. This commitment is evident in two primary facets of our daily business operations.

The first facet revolves around our ability to infuse digital transformation into our products and services, where we strive to adopt the latest technologies and often position ourselves as pioneers in various areas. For instance, 'win by inwi,' our 100% digital offer, is exclusively available through our digital channels. We also lead in areas like mobile payments, aiming to enhance our customer experience through digital leadership. Currently, we are exploring the integration of AI into our customer experience to continually enhance our offerings and leverage the best of digital and data transformation.

The second aspect of our contribution to digital transformation in the market involves providing connectivity to all, whether in urban or remote areas. Additionally, we serve as a strategic partner to our B2B clients, supporting them in their digital transformation journeys. inwi takes pride in positioning itself as a leading company in ICT, cloud, and digital transformation, serving as a clear digital transformation partner for our B2B clients.

How do you stay updated on telecom industry regulations and technological advancements, and how would you utilize this knowledge at inwi?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach as technology evolves rapidly, making it important to stay up to date on industry developments to extract maximum value. In my case, I stay informed by regularly consulting specialized literature and news sources, participating in conferences, such as this summit, and connecting with colleagues across different sectors and geographical areas.

To leverage this knowledge effectively at inwi, I would integrate it intelligently into our daily operations by continuously challenging our project priorities and roadmap. Typically, we maintain a multi-year roadmap in the realm of digital and data. However, to ensure relevance, we revisit and challenge this roadmap every three to six months, ensuring that we incorporate the latest trends and technologies that hold value for us.

What updates or changes can we expect in 2024?

Throughout this conference, there has been considerable discussion about artificial intelligence. I anticipate that in the upcoming year, we will continue to delve into the implementation of artificial intelligence in our business. This will be a significant area of focus. Moreover, it introduces several topics that will be discussed in the coming months or years, including data, data privacy, cybersecurity, and the broader challenge of integrating these new technologies into our daily business operations.

What key areas do inwi and UM6P partnership focus on to enhance in Morocco?

UM6P stands as one of the leading universities in Morocco. Our partnership with them centers around various key areas, including recruitment, as we are consistently seeking the best talent. Research and Development (R&D) plays an important role in developing the latest technologies. Additionally, innovation is a principal point for fostering and incubating new ideas. The partnership also extends to encompass training and executive education initiatives.

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