An agreement was signed between the revolutionary government of Zanzibar and the IT services provider Oman Data Park (ODP) for the construction of a data center. Once built, this infrastructure is expected to house data and information for the public and private sectors in Zanzibar.

This agreement was finalized after the official visit of Hussein Ali Mwinyi, President of Zanzibar, to the Sultanate of Oman, following an initial agreement signed between the two parties last April for the deployment of a cloud-based online tendering system. The two projects are part of the government's plans to automate the attrition systems and accelerate its transition to e-government.

Data Center Dynamics (DCD) indicates that Zanzibar has relatively little digital infrastructure, despite having many companies in need of such digital support. The Zanzibar ICT Infrastructure Agency (ZICTIA) is said to be the only entity currently operating a data center on the island. In addition to strengthening the digital infrastructure of Zanzibar and Tanzania in particular, this investment should also help the Tanzanian government achieve its digital ambitions, including connecting 80% of the population to the Internet by 2025.



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